SALON IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Natalie’s Nails and Beauty Limited, Doddinghurst, Brentwood, Essex

By Kat Hill | 06 December 2017 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Natalie’s Nails And Beauty Limited, Doddinghurst

Finally in a home of its own, Natalie Martin’s beauty business is thriving. Originally established in Natalie’s kitchen, the new specially-created log cabin salon in her garden allows Natalie to offer the bespoke services to her close-knit group of clients.

“I live in a small village,” Natalie explains. “The majority of my clients live either in my street or within a small radius from my salon. Due to it being just myself in the salon, I have a very close relationship with my clients and often see them out and about around the village. I allow plenty of time for each treatment so I am not rushing my clients through appointments onto the next. I only work by appointment and do not have walk ins. Clients are never sat waiting to be seen. When they arrive, my full attention is on them and nothing else. These personal touches are what I believe makes my salon unique.”

Currently offering manicures, pedicures, extensions and LVL eye lash enhancements, Natalie is a firm fan of a particular distributor. “I love using everything from Nail Harmony,” Natalie enthuses. “I adore the Gelish, All That Jazz, Gelish Dip and Polygel range. I love the service they give and aftercare is the best I’ve ever known.”

Her pride in her product line and professional touch has earnt Natalie a loyal client base. “I am not afraid to give my true opinion to my clients on colours, nail shape or treatments and I believe that’s makes me different. Through building relationships with my clients, I’ve learnt some very personal details about them and likewise them with myself. The personal touch makes my clients feel relaxed and at home in my salon. I also believe it is why they return time and time again.”

This close relationship with her clients was called on when it came to creating her home salon. “I spoke to my clients throughout the year to get their views on what things they liked in salons and what would make them feel at ease,” Natalie reveals. “I found that space, light and cleanliness were main points.

“As a result, my salon is minimal. I kept the walls white and have splashes of colour with grey and rose gold tones around the salon. I wanted my nail polishes, gel polish and Dip pots to be the main features and colours in the salon.

“I want the treatments and my service to be the main stand out features in my salon and I believe I have achieved this goal.”

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