SALON IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Neverland Nails, Glasgow

By Kat Hill | 23 September 2020 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Neverland Nails Lead

Seeing quirky detail in every corner, Neverland Nails in Glasgow offers clients an escape from everyday life.

“I had a small studio space in the trendy Finnieston district for a year, before taking on a street shop space a couple of minutes away,” explains Frenchie “Fabulous” Watson. “I loved it there and had the shop for three years, before deciding to give it up during lockdown. I realised the pressures I was under, making sure the overheads were paid for every month, and felt I couldn’t totally focus on the part of my job that I love: doing nails!

Frenchie “Fabulous” Watson

“I’m lucky enough to have the space at home, and when restrictions were lifted in Scotland, I started working from my new home salon space which used to be a small guest bedroom.

“The pandemic, and lockdown, really put things into perspective for me,” continues Frenchie. “There’s so much pressure on women nowadays to be the ‘girl boss’, and to be bigger and better than one another, and I definitely felt that.

“Taking a step back and scaling down has been the best thing I’ve done. My commute is a walk up the stairs, I get to spend more time with my husband, my pets and my family, and just have a much better quality of life. The rising costs and restrictions just made the thought of running a street salon impossible going forward, and I’m so glad I made the move. I’m a 30-minute drive from my old salon space and feel so lucky that so many of my existing clientele have followed me. Plus, I’m already picking up new clients from the local area.

“I think my salon space has a really comfortable, homely vibe, and provides lots of inspiration for nail ideas! The new space definitely harks back to my old salon, but I chose to keep the dark blue that was already there. It gives it a really nice vibe I feel.

“I began my career as a tattoo artist, so that definitely influences my aesthetic, and of course, there has to be some Disney thrown in there! My nail art style is definitely ‘more is more’, so the salon vibe does match that.

“I love that the space speaks about my personality too, and my creative background, which I think sets me apart from other salons. Having so many pictures on the walls, and things on display, is a great talking point with new clients.

“When it comes to decorating your salon, forget about what’s in, or popular, or what you think other people would like,” she smiles. “Your clients come to you for who you are, and I think your space should show that.

“Create something memorable to others, and something that you value and appreciate. You’ll be spending a lot of time in there, so you need to love it!”