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Salon in the Spotlight: Platinum Beauty, Cheshire

By Callie Iley | 02 February 2022 | Feature, Salon & Spas

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After working in the commercial sector for the majority of her career, Sarah Heath realised her passions lay elsewhere.
“I fell out of love with recruitment, and had no happiness or passion in my career. Working with my husband was a strain on our marriage at times. It just didn’t work for us as we lacked our own space and focus, so in 2019, I stepped away and trained in nails.”
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“In early 2019, I started working from my kitchen. I’m quite lucky as we’ve got a large kitchen, so I set up with a nail desk and a beauty bed, and started taking on clients. It started with friends and family then quickly grew.
“As I was growing so fast, my house quickly became unsuitable. I did start at a salon, renting a room, but it really wasn’t for me. However, I’ve been very lucky, as we had a summer house in the garden that was standing still and no one ever used,” Sarah reveals. “The decision was made to convert the summer house in early spring 2021. Delays were endless, due to materials being unavailable and roofing issues, but fast forward to October 2021, we had the launch day of Platinum Beauty!”
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“I work on my own which I love. Historically, I’m used to being in a busy office around people, but for me it was actually a positive change as it allowed me to have that time where I could sit and talk to clients,” she smiles. “It also means I can allow my job to fit around childcare – I’ve got a 11 year old son so I’m able to see him off to school, I’m able to pick him up and it allowed flexibility to care for him.
“I know a lot of my clients through the pandemic can relate to this – I have so many clients come in experiencing similar scenarios to me, so I think they feel reassured that it’s not just them. I’ve also  seen a massive increase in clients with mental health problems, so being able to offer them a 1-to-1 service means they have a safe space where they can come in and talk or sit and have their “me time”, with no pressure to talk at all.”
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“Whilst I work on my own, I have had some interest from other beauty professionals about renting the room,” Sarah explains. “I only work two to three days a week, so there’s room to allow someone else in.
“However, I wouldn’t change the 1-to-1 service that I provide. I think that it’s one of the most important things I offer in my salon – especially as Coronavirus is still ongoing. It’s such a key feature of my salon – my clients like the fact that they’re not going into a busy space.”

“The 1-to-1 service I offer means my clients feel safe and secure, where there isn’t anyone to overhear or judge.”

“Most of what I do in my salon is nails, but I do offer other treatments such as lash lifts, brow wax and tint, massages, facials and waxing. I love providing a range of services to clients, but my passion is in nails,” she enthuses. “I absolutely love nails, whether it’s a gel polish on your natural nail, or using full coverage extensions.
“I’m a huge fan of Glossify Naturabuild. The GelBottle and Glossify Gel Polish are my go to products. I also adore Enchanted Essence Nail Art and subscribe to Nail Mail, which introduces me to new brands each month.”
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“In my salon, I opted for a classic soft palette of navy blue, blush and gold. The inspiration for it comes from my marriage in 2019, where we had the same colour palette, so it’s really personal to me,” Sarah recalls. “I think it’s a palette that never goes out of fashion – the boldness of navy compliments the softness of the blush, and you’ve always got to have some sparkle which is found in the gold.
“I absolutely adore my colour scheme. I get so many positive comments on the interior. My favourite part of the salon is my ostrich lamp. So many people comment on it! I absolutely love it and I feel it represents something different, which is a little bit like me.”
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