Salon in the Spotlight: Serenity Beauty & Co, Bolsover, Chesterfield

By Kat Hill | 05 May 2021 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Serenity Beauty & Co 1200

Best friends, Tammy Hobson & Shelley Riley, had a clear vision for their jointly-owned business, Serenity Beauty & Co – to create a beauty hotspot for the local community.

“After working from home for several years due to childcare, I decided my home needed to be just that, so along with Shelley, we thought it was time to go for it,” smiles Tammy. “We searched for premises, but had always had this one unit in mind, however unfortunately it was only for sale.

Tammy Hobson & Shelley Riley

Tammy Hobson & Shelley Riley

“It had stood empty sadly for quite some time and was starting to look very unloved, but we knew it had so much potential.

“We approached the owners with our vision and they were willing to let us revamp the premises and rent it. Luckily, our husbands are in the trade so were able to complete so much of the work for us on our very small budget.

“It quickly became a much bigger project than we initially thought due to having no running water, no kitchen space and a lot of areas that needed full plastering. With the help of our families, we pulled together and managed to complete the first two floors. Once we could work from those, we saved to have the third floor completed and luckily managed to do that within the first year.”

Now the salon stands proud, offering a range of treatments. “We have several businesses within the umbrella of Serenity,” Tammy explains.

“We all complement each other’s skill sets and are like a work family.”

“We have eight staff based at Serenity. We have IPL Techs, Beccs Beauty, SD Brow Enhancement, DM Hair Solutions, Namaste Reflexology, Therapies by Lis and Fiona Smith Nails & Makeup Artist. We also have a monthly clinic from Faces by Akj and BB’s Beauty and Aesthetics.”

When asked what makes the salon unique, Tammy cited its sense of community. “It doesn’t feel like work – we are a family,” she smiles. “Even though there are different self-employed people within the building, we still function as one complete team.

“Clients pick up on the welcoming atmosphere and constantly remark us on how comfortable they are made to feel.”

“We strive to encourage other local businesses to do well and regularly invite them to host pop up shops within the salon or display their products.”

The wider community has also benefited from the salon setup. “We use our local refill business for our hand soap and antibacterial surface cleaner,” Tammy says. “This reduces our plastic waste dramatically. The quality of the products are amazing.

“We try to support local causes too, such as the food bank. We recently ran as a collection points for a few months to boost their stock.

“We believe it’s important to show your clients they’re appreciated and to try and be a valued business within your community.”