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Salon in the Spotlight: Snoozy Studio, Blyth, Northumberland

By Callie Iley | 02 June 2022 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Kirrin Tasmin Header Pic Salon In The Spotlight

Kirrin Tasmin’s journey in the beauty industry began in 2015 when she started doing hair extensions, however in 2018, she decided to train in nails.

“I started off working in a couple of local salons, before deciding to start working from home in July 2021. It’s been my best decision ever, I’m so happy I took the plunge to go my own way.”

“I try to keep everything very chilled and personal in my salon,” Kirrin shares. “My clients come in the their pjs, with their slippers on. They grab drinks out the fridge and curl up on a chair with one of my dogs for a cuddle a chat before their treatment.

“It’s just me in the salon – it’s a one woman show!”

“I currently make Snoozy bracelets, anklets and phone charms, and display them in the salon for clients to buy. I decided business cards aren’t very me, so why not let the clients wear my business name instead. Plus they’re so cute, and they’ve gone down a treat!”

“I’d like to expand more into Snoozy Merchandise some time soon, that would be really cool,” she smiles. “I’d love to create things like hoodies, water bottles, and I had a couple of requests for bucket hats.

“I offer nails, hair extensions and lashes.

“I started off doing only hair extensions, and won a few awards for them,” Kirrin reflects. “However, when I qualified in nails, they quickly became more of a speciality for me, especially since I opened Snoozy.”

“Most of my clients give me free rein on their nails to do whatever designs I fancy,” she explains. “I usually spend a couple of appointments getting to know what their boundaries are before letting loose.

“I mainly do a lot of gel polish art now and not much in the way of coloured acrylic, but I think that’s down to current nail trends. My go-to gel brand is The Mani Club, but I use a lot of Glitterbels too.”

“I went for pastel everything in the studio. I stole a surfboard from my boyfriend and spray painted it to match, just to fit that beachy aesthetic,” Kirrin beams. “It still has sand on the back!

“Lots of things needed to be spray painted, as apparently it’s quite difficult to find pastel furniture.”

“I buy things for the salon for a double purpose a lot of the time – anything’s a prop for a nail picture!

“My décor brings in a lot of quirky clients, usually around a younger age group. I use a lot of colour in my work and my clients often take inspiration from the room itself,” she reveals. “A lot of the time when I get newbies, they’ve come purely because they loved the décor.”


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