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Salon in the Spotlight: Tara Nails & Beauty, Brantham, Suffolk

By Callie Iley | 24 November 2021 | Feature, Salon & Spas

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Tara Smith decided to embark on her journey into the nail industry following the birth of her third child.

“When I qualified and started out within the industry, it wasn’t easy. I was faced with a lot of negativity and wasn’t sure of where to look for help and support. I pushed through, and with determination, gradually started to build my client base.”

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“When Covid hit and the industry was shut down, I was gutted but instead of letting it get me down I pushed myself to come back better than before,” she smiles. “After a conversation with my husband we decided it was time I build my own nail cabin in my garden.

“I was beyond excited and couldn’t wait to make my dream happen. In August 2020, I opened the doors to my cabin, offering high quality treatments in a calming, cosy and welcoming environment.”

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“I have also pushed myself with my social media over the last year, uploading new content, taking higher quality images to showcase my work whilst also continuously trying to improve my skills and offer the latest trends.

“The support and help I have received from fellow nail technicians over the last year has been immense. It’s been amazing to see how supportive and helpful everyone in the industry has been,” Tara beams. “It’s helped me grow not only my business but also my confidence.”

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“The message I would give to anyone starting out within the industry is, do not give up. No matter what you’re faced with, don’t let anything stop you following your dream.

“With a little focus and determination, you can make it happen,” she enthuses. “I am so grateful to my close family, friends, amazing loyal customers and the fantastic support from others within the industry.”

“The nail industry it is so enjoyable, amazing and supportive!”

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“I have tried to keep my salons a small, cosy and welcoming yet professional space, where clients can come to relax and unwind,” Tara explains. “I offer nail treatments, lash lifts, waxing and tinting but I specialise in gel nails and have a passion for nail art.

“I am always trying to improve my skills and offer clients the latest nail trends. All the products I use are from Pure Nails. Halo Gel Polish is my go-to!”

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“I wanted my décor choices to reflect how I wanted my clients to feel. Warm grey, blush pink and white makes for a warming and cosy environment, with flowers and scented candles allowing for a calming yet professional feel.

“Although my salon is a cabin in the garden, the décor and feel you get when you step inside is what I feel sets me apart. I often have clients come in, take their shoes off and immediately feel comfortable and relaxed,” she observes. “I’ve had clients tell me it’s a perfect space to sit back, unwind and they wish they could come here to just have some peaceful time to themselves.”

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“The colour of the outside of my cabin ties in with the anchor within my branding,” Tara reveals. “Many people ask me why the anchor and how unusual it is – the reason for the anchor is it’s a tribute to my late father, who was in the Navy for many years.

“Having the anchor within my logo means he is with me every step of my journey.”


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