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Salon in the Spotlight: The Nail Goddess, Northamptonshire

By Callie Iley | 16 March 2022 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Michelle Edwards Salon Header Pic

After losing her mum to cancer following the Coronavirus lockdown, Michelle Edwards decided to convert her garage into her new nail studio.

“It just felt like the right time. Previously, my salon was in the conservatory, which was nightmare temperature-wise and doubled as a spare bedroom.”

“I have been working from home since 2018,” Michelle reveals. “It fits perfectly around being a mum to my three kids and means I can work around my husband’s shifts, however I did first train in nails in 2013.

“It has always been a dream of mine to have my own home-based nail salon! My new studio officially reopened on 1st July 2021.”

“I have no plans to expand the studio in terms of size, but will be gaining my teaching qualifications so I can train others in gel polish, acrylic, builder in a bottle and hard gel,” she shares. “I have always loved the thought of teaching others and passing on my knowledge to help others on their nail journey.

“To be able to provide some online nail art workshops would be amazing. I’m also looking to expand my brand with some nail art tools… Exciting times ahead!”

“I rebranded my business during the first lockdown, as I felt I needed to bring much more of me and my personality into the new space and I feel I have completely achieved this,” Michelle beams. “I am really into things that are different or alternative.

“I have lots of tattoos and have loved skulls for a long time, so it made sense to incorporate that into my new logo and décor – plus I have lots dotted around the studio!”

“I wanted to create a place where those who like to be different can feel comfortable and be themselves without being judged.”

“I have a few clients who come to me with anxiety or other health issues, and they say they are very comfortable in my studio and around me. I absolutely encourage my clients who feel this way or who may suffer with their mental health to message me so we can find a way to carry out the service they would like in the best way possible.

“I also offer out silent services for anyone that feels this would be beneficial for them,” she smiles. “I am a fully inclusive studio so welcome absolutely everyone!”

“I offer natural manicures, gel polish manicures, pedicures, press on nails, hard gel extensions, acrylic extensions and nail art.

“I have a massive passion for long nails and crazy nail art,” Michelle explains. “It’s amazing how many clients have come to me saying they have not been able to get much nail art elsewhere!”

“I provide ‘out there’ appointments for those who like to be different and stand out from the crowd.”

“I use CJP, Magpie, Nailchemy, Katie Barnes curved cuticle scissors, Footlogix, Dadi Oil and a lovely butter from Nail Order.

“I work at the studio on my own, which I absolutely love,” she enthuses. “It gives me quality one-on-one time with all my clients, and provides that really personal touch.”

“My studio décor is definitely alternative and different. I had hoped to get my logo as the feature image on the wall, but unfortunately this wasn’t doable, so I went to plan B and fell in love with the wall mural I got in the end,” Michelle recalls. “The image and the colours all fitted so nicely with my branding and what I had envisaged for the space, and it’s a real talking point with all my clients.

“Everyone has loved and commented on how different it is for a nail studio. It is kind of a mix of goth, hippie and funky, which is exactly like me and what’s inside my head!”

“I think the décor influences the studio as it attracts a diverse range of clients, which is what I encourage and also totally embrace. I feel my studio is very unique, not just in design, but also as a super relaxed and intimate space.

“Clients are encouraged to be themselves and talk about whatever they like while I’m working away creating their tiny masterpieces,” she notes. “The colours, images and designs around the studio definitely give off out there and bold vibes that have received so much positive feedback.”

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