Salon in the Spotlight: The Nail Room & Co, Hackney, London

By Kat Hill | 03 April 2019 | Feature, Salon & Spas

The Nail Room & Co, Hackney, London

After honing her craft in some of London’s nail hot spots, Lucy Francis knew it was time to put her stamp on the scene with her own salon space.

“While working in Shoreditch four days a week, I decided to rent a space in a hairdressers for the other three days,” explains Lucy. “Once I had outgrown that space, I decided to look for something bigger.

The search started and Lucy soon found the perfect spot. “It was a small little shop on Chatsworth road in Hackney, and was perfect for a start-up salon.

“I started off working at the salon by myself but quickly realised I needed more staff. I was lucky enough to still be in contact with a few nail technicians that I had previously worked with and they agreed to come and work at the salon. I now have a team of six amazing ladies.

ln Hackney, the majority of the local salons specialise in acrylic nails. I thought it would be good to open a salon that specialises in the health and care of natural nails only. We use CND Shellac™, OPI, and DND in the salon. We also have a big selection of China Glaze and Color Club polishes.

“We try to incorporate natural products into our treatments as much as possible. We use a brown sugar and almond oil scrub for our pedicures, our hand creams have 100% pure ingredients and we have a hot shea butter moisturising mask.

I wanted a space that everyone felt comfortable to enter; men and women, young and old. With this in mind, I kept the interior really simple and cosy. I’m lucky to have a dad that’s a carpenter, so he made me a reception desk and a manicure table exactly how I specified.

“The salon is only small, so I didn’t want to crows the space with too much furniture. It’s minimal and fresh!”

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