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Salon in the Spotlight: The Nail Shed, Bolton

By Callie Iley | 16 March 2023 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Sarah Rushworth Salon In The Spotlight Feature

Long-time nail fanatic, Sarah Rushworth, struggled to find time to translate her passion into a career, in between working two jobs and raising a family.

However, in November 2018, she decided to buy a garden shed and convert it into a nail studio, ahead of her nail training the following January. She took on most of the construction herself, recruiting her husband when she needed extra help.

“I remember when the shed was delivered,” Sarah shares. “It was in numerous parts on my driveway, and I wondered how I would create a business from so many pieces of wood. “It was a labour of love, and one of my biggest achievements to date.”

Sarah completed her initial training before undertaking courses with Magpie Beauty, alongside juggling a job at local housing association, Bolton at Home. “I decided early on that I wanted to focus on providing services for natural nails, so concentrated my training in this area,” she reveals. “I started offering appointments to friends and family in the evenings, and my business has grown from there.”

Sarah has reduced her working hours at the housing association to focus on building a client base at The Nail Shed. “It was hard to take the leap from a secure job with a guaranteed income, but happiness is imperative.

“Since coronavirus happened, my perspective on life has definitely changed. I want to go to work, be happy, and make the most out of life. I love what I do in The Nail Shed and it’s where I want to be every day.”

“A gel manicure is my most popular treatment in the salon, usually including some level of nail art, even if it’s just a simple glitter nail,” Sarah shares. “I’ve had lots of clients who start off wanting a plain gel colour, and they usually end up coming back and asking for nail art after a couple of appointments. It’s hard not to when there’s so much choice!

“Most of my clients love nail art, but it can be tough narrowing down a design, so I introduced a mystery manicure machine, which is a cereal dispenser I adapted.  It has a selection of seasonal designs chosen by me that are chosen at random. This has been a lot of fun – clients love it!”

“My typical client is someone who wants to or would like to take pride in their nails, to feel confident about how they look and also considers self-care important. Having a treatment is that quality time out for themselves. Most of my clients tell me getting their nails done is one of the only things they do for themselves, so it’s a big part of their self-care routine.

“I’m really proud of the fact The Nail Shed was the first nail salon in Bolton to be registered as a Salon Rated Gold Member. For me, this corresponds exactly with how I want The Nail Shed to be recognised – as a high quality, professional salon with exceptional standards.”

Since the birth of her son, Sarah has struggled with anxiety. “I understand the importance of a personal, focused service that allows clients to unwind and feel comfortable.” she says. “The Nail Shed is a small space, so I have kept the décor light and painted it in a calming white shade, with a hint of sparkle.

“There are accents of grey, gold and blush and artificial plants, to create a cosy feel. From the outside, The Nail Shed is a garden shed, but it’s so much more than that. It feels special, welcoming and cosy.”

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