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Salon in the Spotlight: The Studio, Doncaster

By Callie Iley | 04 April 2024 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Lian Davey The Studio Salon In The Spotlight

Creating a tranquil salon space in The Studio, Doncaster, for her clients to unwind, find out about Lian Davey’s neutral décor choices and the vibes she hopes to create…

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Lian Davey

Having worked in the law sector since her teens, Lian entered the beauty industry after the birth of her son, enrolling on a manicure course once he had settled into school in 2010.

It wasn’t long before she sought to expand her knowledge of nails, enrolling onto further courses. “I instantly loved creating nail looks and knew that it was what I wanted to pursue,” she remembers.

Lian Davey The Studio Salon 1

Lian’s time in the nail industry has seen her work in a range of locations, previously renting spaces, co-owning a salon and working on a mobile basis. She opened the doors to The Studio in September 2023. Her current setup is based inside a hair salon, located near the main road into Doncaster. Lian works alone at The Studio, offering one-to-one treatments to clients on an appointment-only basis.

Her treatment menu features a range of natural nail and lash services. “I use Halo Gel Polish and the Halo EasiBuild builder gel system for nail services, and offer relaxing manicure and pedicure treatments. For my tools and hygiene products, I use Navy Professional as it is a local company,” Lian reveals.

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Opting for a neutral-toned palette for her salon design, Lian notes the tranquility of the space. Pops of green decorate The Studio, adding an eye-catching splash of colour to complement the natural vibes of the décor. “I think there’s a cosy feel in salon, where it is almost a home away from home. I wanted the space to make my clients feel instantly relaxed and comfortable, regardless of if they want to chat away or quietly chill out during appointments.

“I love meeting my clients and hearing their stories,” Lian smiles. “I hope that they always leave The Studio feeling relaxed and pampered. I have big dreams for the future, and I’m always adding to my manifestation board!”

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