Salon in the Spotlight: Zoe Brown Nail Salon, Edinburgh

By Kat Hill | 03 February 2021 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Zoe Brown Nail Salon Lead

Opening its doors in summer of 2019, Zoe Brown Nail Salon can be found in the historic city of Edinburgh.

With its chic décor and welcoming team, the salon has captured the attention of locals with its nail and beauty offering.

“We are a salon of seven independent successful technicians, specialising in nail services and have a resident eyelash technician,” beams founder, Zoe Brown.

Zoe Brown

“However, I think I speak for the majority of our clientele when I say we are more than just a nail salon – and its more evident since the pandemic.

“We cry together, we laugh together, we have seen our ladies go through life’s ups and downs and helped them along they way in whatever ways we can, as have they with us.

“Our clients are our second family and the bonds we’ve made are very special. We always joke it’s like catching up with a good friend although you are painting their nails at the same time!”

The décor in the salon is as welcoming as the team, with the space seeing a fresh and modern feel. “When opening the salon, we wanted to raise the expectations and change people’s ideas of a ‘high street nail bar’,” explains Zoe.

“As a salon, it had to look bright and clean from the offset so we painted the walls in a neutral pale grey letting the light from the front window fill the room, keeping the flooring timeless with a sophisticated rich, dark wood.

“Being one of many salons on the high street we wanted to be a little different and eye catching so we added bespoke, handmade shelving to house our collection of polishes, luxurious velour client seating for the nail desks and pedicure station and a glass and mirror display unit for retail.

“I think, because of the salons decor, its attention to detail and high standards we come across as a very reputable and respected salon in the community and we can back that up with our service and treatments. Although the atmosphere is still very light and fun, the services are personable and friendly.

“I think the set up in the salon which brings out the best of it is the orientation of the room. Having the desks spaced out side-by-side is an open invitation for conversation between the clients and technicians and adds to the friendly, fun and inviting atmosphere, which brings us all together. Also, the spacing between offers the privacy between others in the salon if needed.”

The salon was shortlisted as a finalist last year in the Scratch Stars Awards 2020/2021 in the Nail Salon of the Year category. “We were shocked – but in a good way!” Zoe remembers. “I definitely cried! With the salon being relatively new among some of the most talented and influential technicians and salons, it was surreal to see our name listed among them.

“To be listed in the category in which our fellow Scottish salon, NAF! Salon, were crowned the year before is just incredible.

“I think we are all guilty of being our own worst critics, seeing our own faults and flaws and often not being kind enough to ourselves.

“Being nominated in such a prestigious awards means everything and more to the team and myself who have all worked so incredibly hard over the past years.

“To have the nod of approval from Scratch Stars Awards, it gives us a huge sense of self belief and pride.”