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Salon in the Spotlight: Beauty By Danielle, Cheshire

By Callie Iley | 14 April 2022 | Salon & Spas

Danielle Pulford Salon

Danielle Pulford opened her salon after the second lockdown, after her local salon she was employed at shut down.

“I wasn’t in a position, nor did I feel ready, to open my own salon with other staff, so I thought converting my garage was the way forward, especially with the unknown of Covid. I really wanted stability.”

“I plan to expand in the future and have a full pedicure station, to make it even more of a relaxing time for my clients,” Danielle smiles. “I also plan to mix it up a bit with my desk.

“Long-term, who knows what the future holds for bigger opportunities!”

“I think the salon being a converted garage makes it quite unique,” she explains. “I love interior design, which led me to finding a lot of independent companies on Instagram with small pieces I thought of having made.

“Some of the things I had made by independent businesses include my neon light, wire sign, welcome mat and my rattan chair, which all fit my vision perfectly.”

“I offer gel, acrylic, pedicures and brow waxing and tinting. I specialise in all nail art from Disney characters to french manicures. 

“I use a couple of brands,” Danielle reveals. “The brands I use consists of The GelBottle, Glossify, Navy Pro Tools and Willow Academy.”

“I feel most calm when I’m on holiday, so I wanted my theme to reflect that cool beach vibe. On this basis, I went for a white and wood colour palette.

“I hunted down a rattan chair and ordered it from an Instagram I found in the shape of a flower to give it that Ibiza feel to it. After many struggles of getting it shipped to the UK, it made it and finished off my room perfectly!” She laughs. “It’s my favourite addition to the room.”

I needed a space where my clients and I can walk in and feel instantly relaxed.”

“I wanted to add a few quirky bits too, including my ‘relax your hand’ neon light I had made, as I am constantly saying it to my clients!

“I was very fortunate to have parents who were a massive help in converting the garage,” Danielle recalls. “<y dad is very good at DIY and helping my visions come to life.”

“I really wanted a clean, calm area to work in,” she says. “I wanted a fun area to inspire nail art, but keep a spa like vibe running through the salon.

“I am also a perfectionist with nails and my space I work in, so having a decluttered clean space is a top priority. After a year of being here, I still walk in and love my room and my clients let me know that they feel the same.”

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