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Salon in the Spotlight: Beauty By Mollie Mae, Wetherby, West Yorkshire 

By Callie Iley | 18 August 2022 | Salon & Spas

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Initially working from the conservatory at her mums house and enjoying the convenience of working from home, Mollie Mae Hiles had to rethink her set up after only four months in business. “My mum was diagnosed with Dementia and sadly had to move to a care home. This meant I had to find somewhere else to set up my business. I rented a space in a local hair salon, until the opportunity of opening my own salon arose.”

“I always wanted to open my own salon, but I never thought it would be so soon,” Mollie shares. “My mum always wanted to open her own gift shop, but never did, so this really pushed me to go for it.

“Since opening my salon in April 2022, my client base has massively risen, which I am so grateful for.”

“The salon needed a full renovation,” she recalls. “The previous tenants had the shop for eight years, so it needed a bit of TLC!

“In the future I would love to be in a bigger space, but for now I am extremely happy and proud of my little salon.”

“Opening my salon wasn’t planned, however I had always wanted a place of my own so I had to take the opportunity while it was there.”

“I work full time from Tuesday to Saturday in the salon, specialising in nails, lashes, facials and brows.

“I also have another amazing manicurist, Izzy, working alongside me every Thursday and alternate Saturdays,” Mollie reveals. “Izzy specialises in all things nails including builder gel, nail art and extensions.”

“My salon is unique within Wetherby due to its modern approach,” she smiles. “It’s definitely the most girly and pink salon in the area too!

“I take pride in only offering the treatments I specialise in and the ones I know I can complete to a high standard, leaving my clients feeling great and happy with their services.”

“I use many well-known brands in my salon,” Mollie says. “The brands I use include The GelBottle, Navy Professional Tools, Lash Base, Clinicare and Beautiful Brows.

“I’ve tried out lots of different brands, and I feel these ones suit me and my clients the most to give the best results.”

“The decor is really girly which is a big part of me, I think it suits me and personality perfectly!

“I feel my salon is the perfect place for them to relax, escape from reality, and leave feeling fabulous,” Mollie enthuses. “The salon really is better than I could’ve ever imagined – I still cant believe it’s mine.”

“All I want is to make my clients feel amazing about themselves!”

“I wanted the salon to be light, bright and airy, due to it being small in size. I needed to use the floor space in the best way to keep the salon looking as big as possible, without it being cramped or dark.

“Pink is my favourite colour and also one of the colours of my branding, so I felt it was best to include it,” she beams. “I love gold and feel it’s very on trend at the moment so I opted for accents of this colour as I decided it looked best.”

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