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Salon in the Spotlight: Roses Nails, Newtown, Mid Wales

By Callie Iley | 09 March 2022 | Salon & Spas

Katy Rose Salon Feature Pic

Katy Rose worked in the construction industry for six years, however when lockdown began, she took time to reconsider her career.

“I have always been creative and never had a chance to express it. It sounds crazy, but I quit my job during a pandemic. I wanted to use this time to build a career I was truly passionate about. That’s when I did my training and set up a workspace in my conservatory.”

“When I first started to do nails, I was working ten miles from my nearest town. This wasn’t ideal, as a lot of people struggled to find transport to come to my salon,” Katy observes. “For a short while, I did mobile appointments too. I drove up to 20 miles for clients – I just wanted to get my ‘foot in the door’ and build up my social media.

“Finally in October 2020, my boyfriend let me take over one of the spare rooms in his house. Luckily for me, he’s a decorator. We transformed the unused room and I’ve worked there ever since.”

“I feel like the size of my home studio creates a comfortable and personal experience for my clients,” she explains. “It’s more than just a workspace for me.

“I like to offer a private environment where my clients can relax and have a 1-to-1 experience which you can’t get in a high street salon.

“I feel like my style is unique, I’m very passionate about my work and it reflects in my studio.”

“I specialise in acrylic extensions and acrylic design. This is my most popular service.

“I also offer acrylic overlays, gel manicures and builder gels. In the second lockdown, I began to make my own cuticle oils. I wanted to make my own so I knew that all of the ingredients are natural and beneficial to my clients,” Katy enthuses. “I sell them in a variety of scents and seasonal scents. My clients absolutely love these and I sell out regularly!”

“I’ve been obsessed with Glitterbels since I started my nail journey. They have so much variety, the design possibilities are endless.

“I pride myself on using the best products, tools and training to maintain the health of my clients nails,” she beams. “I was asked to join Glitterbels as an education ambassador, and I’d love to offer training courses in the future.”

“I’ve always been a girly girl, and wanted a modern pretty and pink setup,” Katy explains. “I try to keep the colour theme throughout my marketing and Instagram too.

“Almost every client who walks through the door has commented on how much they love how the studio is decorated.”

“The décor is girly and fun, which instantly puts my clients at ease.

“My favourite part of my setup is my Star of Fame award from my boyfriend,” she reveals. “It says “from your biggest fan” which I thought was really sweet. Him and my family have been a huge support for me and pushed me to keep going.”


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