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By Alex Fox | 10 March 2021 | Feature, Salon & Spas

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Expert, Haz Dean speaks salon & spa styling

Haz Dean @hnouraldine 

Being passionate about doing what I love is my drive to achieving more! I’m an interior designer who is in love with colours, functional design, playing with patterns, textures and creating a human space that can be at the service of human wellbeing needs. I care about making any space individual, functional and humane, this is why my design concepts always revolve around people’s needs and desires.

A mood board exploring colours, patterns & textures for an interior project by Haz Dean

I have a diverse career history, which encompasses interior design, brand management,  marketing, nail & footcare care and the salon industry. I worked in the nail and beauty industry for almost three years, co-managing a family business distribution company and a beauty salon. I began my journey into beauty journalism with Scratch Middle East as its English-Arabic translator in 2015, I later became a contributor, writing features about spas in Lebanon. In 2016 I became one of its columnists with a regular piece on ‘Interior Style’ where I published articles on salon and spa interior designs and the relationship between interior design, the client-spa experience and commercial revenue.

@sandrineBoyerEngel SPA Jardins Coppelia – Les Jadrins de Coppelia Hotel in France, which includes furniture from the Rochebobois range

Salon Style – The Welcome Blog Spot

This new Scratch blog aims to help business owners understand their salon and spa interior design needs from a functional and professional perspective. Designing a professional beauty space entails lots of requirements and regulations, especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, so it’s necessary to stay updated with the arising technologies, trends and new ways to attract clients.

Guests in salon and spa spaces come to relax and spend some time away from their busy work life and family commitments. Thus, together as professional interior designers, business owners and beauty professionals, we should collaborate to provide the best experience for our clients.

A simple way to understand a client-spa experience is to reflect on the different experiences we have from our home country as well as the ones we immerse in when travelling the world. As an interior designer and someone who loves to take care of his wellbeing, I have had different types of spa experience ranging from paramount to sadly, unsafe.

The luxurious spa of Les Jadrins de Coppelia Hotel in France

I can assure you that alongside providing a huge genuine smile of welcome, excellent customer service and the latest beauty solutions, having the proper interior design is an essential element of providing an outstanding experience. Imagine you visit a nail salon for a manicure and were offered a stool instead of a chair or while having a relaxing body treatment the shower is running in the next room  (I have experienced both). Thus, I believe salon and spa spaces are where genuine humane design should be strictly applied, not only to provide excellent customer service and to attract a bigger clientele, but also to take care of our own well being as well as the individuals who work with us.

The luxurious spa of Les Jadrins de Coppelia Hotel in France

Styles, colours, furniture, lighting, layouts, trends, patterns and textures are some of the design areas, I will consider and discuss in this blog. My objective will be to focus on people as well as the salon’s needs. This blog is meant to have an interactive part, and therefore I delight in the opportunity to receive your suggestions and questions, concerning the interior design of your salon and spa space. Whether you’re about to launch a new beauty space or you’re thinking of renovating your existing business, I’ll be happy to share my expertise and design ideas with you. See you soon…

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