5 ways to set boundaries with pushy clients

By Kat Hill | 23 April 2021 | Expert Advice, Feature


Saying ‘No’ can be a tricky word when it comes to clients, but setting boundaries is equally important for you, your welfare and, in turn, your business. Read on to discover some top tips from industry figures…

1.“It’s so important in our industry to set boundaries,” explains Claire Blincoe, Georgie Smedley Group educator. “Manage your client relationship from the start and be strict.”

2. “If you’re mobile or work from multiple locations, have a separate work phone to your personal one,” adds Claire.

“Switch off your work phone when you’re not working.”

“If you take bookings through social media, set an instant reply message stating you’ll respond to queries during working hours. Don’t be tempted to fall into a pattern of responding to queries as they come in. If you start by responding at any hour, clients will always expect you to do so.”

3. “Always remember that you have a choice in what jobs you book in and how many hours you work,” implores Ruth Atkins, Salon System educator. “If you aren’t getting the buzz that you used to get at work, maybe you need to step back and re-evaluate. It’s good earning extra income, but not at the expense of your health and wellbeing.”

4. “When booking in appointment, stick to your working hours,” states Becki Hobbs, Scratch Stars Awards 2019 finalist and owner of Becki’s Beauty. “Try having your set opening hours displayed so clients can see them easily, too.”

5. “Don’t discount your services or products,” states Rebecca Crawforth from Navy Professional. “It may be a time of giving and receiving, but for you own sake and motivation, remember you still are a business!”