Shoot for photographic competition success with tips from Karina Perematko

By Kat Hill | 13 July 2018 | Expert Advice, Feature

Karina Perematko 5

Scratch chats to Karina Perematko, master nail technician and absolute master international educator with Crystal Nails London Studio Academy and owner of KP Vintage Studio, about entering The Great Scratch Shoot Out – and discover the story behind the shoot that scooped a close second place…

“I was so happy to place second in The Great Scratch Shoot Out! 2017,” reveals Karina. “It is always so nerve-wracking before entering a competition, thinking about where your entry will place, but I think positively, after all its not all about the winning, it’s great to take part.”

The dreamy pastel image caught the imagination of the judging panel, see Karina’s entry score very highly for its beautiful nail design and harmonising concept. “When I started to think about this composition, we decide to make some bright and summery,” Karina explains. “The photoshoot took place in the middle of summer and the whole team wanted to create something bright and fresh.”

The shoot took place at the photographer’s, Justina Cereskaite of Just Tina Photography, private studio at home. “The photoshoot was not easy, as well had so many things to do!” laughs Karina. “We created a plan for the process to ensure it ran smoothly. Our lash artist, Inga, start to complete her lash design at 7am on my model, Karolina, before the make-up artist, Vigante, start her work. The hairstylist, Asta, start her work on the with wig. It is all not as easy as we like think it!

“My model then paid a visit to my salon, KP Vintage Studio, where I measured tips size and once Karolina had left start play with my design. I used Crystal Nails acrylic products, using a cover pink tone to extend the nail bed. I then created an ombré French with two different yellow and peach acrylic powders, before covering everything with Clear Master Powder. Next, I filed all ten nails to correct the shape and refine. I topped the nails with top coat before creating 3d flowers and adding thin lines around smile line and Swarovski crystals.

“When it all started to come together, I stuck the nails on with thin, double-sided tape. When the hair was finalised, we decided to add a summery shimmer to the body with a special powder for body. We started to shoot some images, trying different jewellery piece and backgrounds, but in the end, we decided on a white background and this gorgeous gold necklace with purple details.

“We saw an amazing result – we started to jump around the room,” Karina smiles. “I believe it wasn’t easy to achieve but we did it because we did all of us and help each other! I know how hard it is to be a model, it’s thanks to Karolina for being amazing! Without the ‘Big Team’ we could not have got the amazing result we did! All of us enjoyed every part of the shoot.

“My advice? I think everyone should try to enter The Great Scratch Shoot Out!” smiles Karina. “You never know – you may be lucky!”

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Photographer: Justina Cereskaite, Just Tina Photography

Nails: Karina Perematko, KP Vintage Studio

Lash artist: Inga Misiute, Immaculate Lashes

Hair stylist: Asta Hairdresser London 

Make-up artist: Vigante Queen V 

Model: Karolina Butene