How to correctly store gel nail products

By Kat Hill | 01 February 2020 | Expert Advice, Feature


To keep your kit working at an optimum level, it is vital your gel-based products are stored correctly. Read on to refresh your knowledge…

“The manufacturer’s advice and guidance should be adhered to,” explains Tina Bell of Pure Nails. “Follow its advice looking after your products as this will ensure you get the best from them.”

“If you have any questions, contact the company, distributor or educator,” adds Leila Monroy Lopez, Light Elegance ambassador. “They will be able to help with any questions you may have to ensure your products are in prime condition.”

“Generally speaking, a drawer or cabinet is perfect and preferably pots are always to be kept upright,” explains LCN UK’s April Worthington.

“Natural sunlight can cure gel, so all gels should be stored in a cool, dry place away from natural daylight,” adds Haley Lomas, senior nail technician with Re:New Beauty.

A consistent temperature is also required with gel systems. “In the summer months, you could store them in the fridge for a short while before the client comes so that you can control the viscosity of the gel,” says Liz Richards, head of education at Cuccio Europe.

“In contrast, keep them away from heat sources during the winter months as this will also affect the viscosity of the gel. It could make them too runny to work with.”

“The nature of gel means that their containers can get very sticky and messy,” adds INK London educator, Toni Larkin. “Continued exposure to uncured gel on your hands can lead to overexposure and increased risk of developing an allergy. Keep your pots and bottles clean of excess product by wiping them with cleanser. Wear gloves if possible, too.”

“Work as cleanly as possible.,” explains UK head of education at Georgie Smedley Group, Jan Soar. “Try not to wipe your brush on the side of the pot from the beginning of usage. This will reduce the chances of leakage further down the line.”

“Also, always store your nail products in their original container,” adds Emma Edwards, of The Creative Beauty Group.

Read more advice on the gel system, turn to page 38 of the January issue.