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Susan Gerrard on a year of Mii Manicure + Pedicure

By Rebecca Hitchon | 30 August 2022 | Brands, Feature

Mii Manicure + Pedicure

As Manicure + Pedicure by Mii celebrates its first birthday this August, the natural nailcare line’s founder, Susan Gerrard, reflects on its success…

Describing manicures and pedicures as ‘firmly rooted in her DNA’, Susan Gerrard has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the UK nail industry. Over 30 years ago, before nail-only salons were introduced, she brought Jessica Cosmetics, a brand with a focus on natural nailcare, to the UK under her distribution company, Natural Nail Company (later to become Gerrard International). Since then, she has trained thousands of beauty therapists in manicure and pedicure, and expanded her distribution portfolio, including with her own brand, Mii Cosmetics.

So, it seemed only fitting for Susan to apply her industry expertise to launch Mii Manicure + Pedicure in 2021, a vegan and cruelty-free range comprising prescriptive nail treatments, fast-drying and long-lasting nail polishes and a gel polish system, with over 130 shade options.

Care + Caress Hand Serum & Nourish + Nurture Nail & Cuticle Oil

“I wanted to put my years of experience to good use and further embed Mii into the fabric of our industry,” she explains, revealing that over seven years of testing went into Mii Manicure + Pedicure’s formulas. “And now, Mii manicures and pedicures are in over 800 salons and spas nationwide, and are distributed in three countries.”

A year on from its launch, Scratch poses the question, ‘What has been key to the natural nailcare line’s success?’ “I feel that Mii’s early success is down to how well we connected with our spas, salons, therapists and nail technicians,” enthuses Susan. “We have always listened to what they like, but even more so, what they don’t like.

“Our ethos has, and will always be, to listen, learn and improve, and I believe it is this that has enabled us to grow and will allow us to continue to shine.”

Remove + Smooth Callus Peel

Reminiscing on the achievements of the range, the nailcare expert adds that her wish is for her team’s high standards to speak for themselves throughout the whole Mii experience. From the products, which undergo an intensive testing and approval process, to their appearance and efficacy. “We work alongside such talented individuals to create gorgeous visuals and shade displays to support the spas and salons using Mii products. We believe these are as special as the products themselves,” she comments.

Statement Gel Polish in Raspberry Ripple

Susan tells Scratch that Mii’s Care + Caress Hand Serum has become one of the line’s most popular products over the past 12 months, as has the brand’s Nourish + Nurture Cuticle Oil. “From day one, our fast-drying top coat, Shine + Shield, with its glass-like finish, has also become a big hit,” she reveals. “In terms of footcare, the Remove + Smooth Callus Peel is a much-loved product that is especially effective at eliminating hard, dry skin on the feet.” Popular nail polish colours include nude hue, Birthday Suit; bright and lively red, Red Devil; pinky coral, L’Amour; pretty peach shade, Merci Beaucoup; metallic fuchsia pink, Raspberry Ripple; coral red colour, Complete Confidence; dark metallic purple, Midnight Feast, and dark navy hue, Scandi–navy.

Colour Confidence Nail Polish in Midnight Feast

Following a successful first year for Mii Manicure + Pedicure, Susan is dreaming big for its future. “My hope is that the range will become synonymous with spa and salon experiential treatments,” she smiles. “I would also like our continued training for therapists in application, benefits and homecare advice to allow our industry to rebuild and thrive once again.”

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