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Tales of working as a nail tech while pregnant

By Scratch Staff | 29 December 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

Amy Ganney Baby

Celebrity nail tech, Amy Ganney, reveals her experience of working while expecting a baby – and how she now juggles work with motherhood…

“Working while pregnant was challenging as I suffered with sickness regularly, but I had to continue working as I knew I would need some time off when my baby boy arrived.

“I also consider my business my baby – and I wasn’t prepared to let it fail as my work will help build my baby boy’s future.”

“Learning I was pregnant was a bit of a surprise, as my salon had only been open for two weeks when I found out. I worked up to three weeks before my due date and had many sleepless nights due to feeling uncomfortable and stressing about my plan of action, but luckily I had an amazing sidekick in my trainee, Katie Blackabee.

“Katie ran my business while I took two months off after having my baby boy, Arthur. I’m now back working every Friday and Saturday and every third Wednesday. I have had a few issues with childcare and had to bring Arthur to the salon for an hour. Fortunately, I have some great clients so they were happy to have a cuddle with him before I started work.

“Juggling things is hard but so many people do it.”

“When I need to, I leave the house by 7am to drop Arthur off at childcare and head to work. I walked into work once without brushing my hair and my client simply said, ‘Welcome to motherhood!’

“Having some time off with Arthur has allowed me the flexibility for a few photo shoots and business meetings with The Edge for my AmyG nail collection with the brand.

“The past four years of my career have been amazing but 2018 has been the best. It’s challenging to balance my career and looking after Arthur, but I’m very lucky and he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me!”

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