Team Scratch gets lashed with Salon System mink styles

By Helena Biggs | 11 September 2018 | Brands, Feature, Technique

Ruth Atkins Scratch Team Salon System

Salon System educator, Ruth Atkins, paid a visit to Scratch HQ to offer the team lash and brow makeovers using new products from the range.

Accompanied by Costi Passeri of Essence PR, the duo revealed the new Mink Style Individual Lashes; additions to the Naturalash Texture range available in Short and Medium.

After discussing each team member’s desired look over coffee and croissants, Ruth set to work – with the team surprised and marvelled at how quickly each lash look was created.

The beauty of the individual lashes is that the sizes can be mixed to produce a variable range of looks, and affixed using the Salon System Individual Lash Glue.

Assistant editor, Kat, opted for a natural look to enhance her own lashes, so a few medium lashes were spread amongst short to create the eye effect in just 15 minutes.

Editor, Helena, wanted a glammed up lash style – so Ruth built up the feather-soft lashes for a full, dramatic effect before completing the look by defining the brow using a mixture of shades from the Marvelbrow Contour Palette.

Delighted with the results, both lash looks were completed speedily with only a chair and good lighting required – meaning the service is a great add-on to a nail service or a good offer for a lunch hour treatment.

Another great idea for an add-on was the Salon System Boost Hydration+ Lip Mask, which was worn to help smooth, hydrate and target fine lines and wrinkles around the lips while the service was in action.

Aftercare was super simple, with just a soft brush morning and night – and the lashes lasted just over a week.

The Mink Style Individual Lashes are available now from wholesalers nationwide.

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