TECH TALK: Corissa Williams

By Helena Biggs | 20 June 2017 | Feature, Tech Talk

Corissa Williams 300

Corissa Williams details her love for Gelish and reveals who she admires in the industry. 

When and why did you choose to become a nail tech?
I chose to become a nail tech in 2013. I’ve always loved doing my own nails from a young age so thought why not invest in myself and create perfect nails for everyone.

What do you love about being a nail tech?
You learn so much about different people and I love that, no matter how bad a day I may be having, finishing a set of nails always makes me happy. I also love to see my clients happy with the result.

Why did you choose to train in Gelish and what do you love about the product?
I saw a local lady advertising Gelish nails and decided to book an appointment with her. My nails lasted for four weeks and I was so impressed that I decided I needed to train in Gelish myself. I love the longevity of the product and the choice of colours available, and I can’t forget my amazing educator, Catherine Jiminez, who is always there when I need her – she’s the best.

What does your typical working week involve?
I work two days a week from home and usually fit in 3-5 clients per week.

What steps do you take to ensure that clients remain loyal to you?
I always do my best work and take my time, and I always try to get to know a bit about my new clients. Anyone that has their nails done by me will know that I’m a perfectionist and perfection takes time. If you’re after a quick in and out appointment then I’m not your lady.

Whose nail work do you admire and why?
I admire Celina Ryden because her work is just amazing and so creative. The details in her nails are perfect and I always try to figure out how she creates some of her amazing designs. I also admire Emily Rose Ferguson (Nails by Emily). She’s always bringing something new to the nail game and is always happy to give advice.

What are your future career ambitions?
I want to enhance my skills further with more training, as well as perfecting what I’m already qualified in. My biggest dream is to one day own my own salon – that way I would have enough space for my growing collection of gel polish and glitter.