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TECH TALK: Nadia Rouch of Nadia’s Beauty Box

By Callie Iley | 19 December 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk

Nadia Rouch Header Photo

Scratch chats with Nadia Rouch of Nadia’s Beauty Box about her average day as a nail tech and her love for creativity.




My all time favourite nail product has to be The Gel Bottle’s Builder in a Bottle. 90% of all my manicures now have Builder in a Bottle as a base – it’s helped massively with natural nail growth and strength. I couldn’t be without it.



The creativity that flows from nails is the biggest thing that I’m hooked on. I love how you can sit down, get creative and suddenly you end up with a work of art – just on a much smaller scale.



I always find I’m most creative on a blank canvas with free roam to do whatever I like!



I really love to create abstract nail designs at the moment, as no two sets of nails will ever be the same. Each one always has a little something different going on. I thrive on the fact you can mix up colours, glitters, textures and finishes when it comes to an abstract design.



I can find nail inspiration in almost anything. Whether it be clothing, changing seasons or the latest trends. Inspiration is everywhere, especially with Instagram and Pinterest having endless ideas. I always love seeing what other nail techs have created – I spend far too long daily on Instagram, but it’s the best place for finding great nail inspiration!


My average day consists of seeing all my amazing clients. Each one always brings different stories and chats to the hour and each client always wants something different for their nails too! I enjoy how no two days for me are ever the same, keeping it exciting and interesting.



I love how relationships form with clients with them becoming friends, as where would we be without our loyal clients.



I’ve always known nails were for me even from a young age. I’ve got a bit of an interest in crime, especially anything related to customs control. I’m forever watching Border Control or anything airport security related. So my back up dream job (if nails weren’t involved) would definitely be a Customs Officer.


The best tip, I think, for any aspiring nail techs is to never compare yourself to anyone else. It’s so hard sometimes, with nails being such a popular thing these days, but I think you just have to remind yourself that you are YOU, and no one else. Practise literally makes perfect, if you see something and think “no way I could not do that”, yes you could! You just have to sit and practise until you finally get there. I’ve been doing nails since 2015, and I still find myself saying, “I can’t do this or that”, when really I can if I put my mind to it and push myself!



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