Caitlin Iley

TECH TALK: Natasha Jasmine Payne of NailsBloodyNails

By Callie Iley | 19 September 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk


Scratch chats to Natasha Jasmine Payne, of NailsBloodyNails, about her love for her job as a nail tech and the endless creativity in the industry…


What is it about nails that has you hooked?

I absolutely love that no set will be the exact same as the last, and that you have the freedom to be so creative. I love seeing my ideas come to life and there is just so much you can create, with no restrictions.


Where do you source inspiration for your nail work?

I use a lot of artwork prints, patterns and graphics for a lot of inspiration for my nail work, and of course a lot of inspiration also comes from other nail artists! It’s so much fun switching up sets and seeing sets you’ve done being re-created!



If you had to pick one, what nail colour would characterise your personality?

If I chose a nail colour to characterise my personality, I’d say that it would be any neon shade, because they’re so bold and exciting. I find neon shades are so bright and fun, which I think is a great representation of me as an individual.


What are your next career steps?

My next career steps will be moving to work at a new location which is definitely the most exciting thing that’s happened in my career to date.



What tips do you have for aspiring nail techs?

If I could give any tip to an aspiring nail tech, I would say… take the plunge! Every artist starts somewhere. You will always achieve your goals when you put your mind to it. Starting nails for me was the best thing I’ve ever done, and I’ve never been happier doing something for work. Every single day I work, it never feels like an actual job, because I love what I’m doing so much.


What one piece of advice changed your career?

The piece of advice that changed my career was being told to start from home instead of constantly worrying where things will go from there. If I hadn’t pushed myself to start from home, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and I wouldn’t have all the opportunities and experiences I have gained. I am forever grateful to the people around me, as well as other artists who gave me great advice when I was starting out!


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