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TECH TALK: Natasha Newton of Nails by Natasha

By Callie Iley | 14 November 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch catches up with Natasha Newton of Nails by Natasha about her achievements since featuring in January 2020’s Readers Gallery and what the future holds for her career.


What is it about nails that has you hooked?

I’ve always enjoyed playing around with nails from a young age. It hurts me to say it now, but I would buy a cheap acrylic kit from eBay and practice on myself and friends. Over time the passion grew, and in 2017, I finally struck the courage to do a course and become qualified! Now, my passion is stronger than ever – I love the endless creative possibilities it gives me, and I will always strive to be better. The industry and fashion trends are forever changing, which keeps it exciting, and makes me push boundaries that I haven’t before!


Where do you source inspiration for your nail work?

Everywhere! When you are passionate about something, it’s always on your mind. You see potential in things that most people wouldn’t. I’ve “stolen” peacock feathers off the floor from a children’s animal farm to use for nail inspiration. Another more obvious answer would be from fellow nail artists in the industry – you see something amazing someone has created, and it gets you thinking.



How has your career progressed since you last spoke to Scratch?

When I last spoke to Scratch, I was asked what my future goals were. I explained that I dreamt of becoming an ambassador for Glitterbels. Just before the feature was released in January 2020, Annabelle Maginnis asked me to become an ambassador after I entered one of her competitions and came in at 2nd place. It has been such an amazing journey and I’m so proud and privileged to be part of such an amazing brand! Like almost everyone else, both inside and outside of the industry, Coronavirus has hit me quite hard. I’ve gone from being booked up to two months in advance, to being lucky if I have two clients a week! But I know I’m not alone in this, and I have to just keep pushing forward. I have kept myself busy creating videos for the Glitterbels YouTube channel and drawing decal designs for Queen of Decals. This keeps the passion going and I’m excited to see what the future holds.


What are your next career steps?

I would love to one day gain my AET and offer classes to either aspiring or qualified nail artists. I often get asked if I teach classes or offer one-to-ones, so this has given me a future goal, but I need to find the confidence to actually go ahead with it!


What is the most exciting thing about the UK nail industry?

The most exciting thing about it, in my opinion, is how the nail industry is always changing! This, in turn, makes us change and develop too, and challenges us to push our boundaries and try new styles and techniques. It gives us the opportunities to express ourselves through our nails.


What tips do you have for aspiring nail techs?

Never give up! If you have a passion and love for nails, keep pushing to be the best version of you. Never aspire to be “as good” as someone else – we are all different and our talents show in different areas. I used to constantly compare myself to others. It’s so easy to do, and I would constantly feel disappointed when I didn’t feel as good! But, when I concentrated on myself and what I could achieve, I started seeing positive changes. I started to feel proud and this made me push myself further. Nothing is impossible with a little bit of time and patience. Be your best self!


Why is it so important for techs to advance their nails skills and artistry?

No matter how long you have been doing nails, you never stop learning! The industry is constantly changing, fashion and beauty trends change all the time, and clients see this and request it. You can never have too much knowledge.



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