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TECH TALK: Sharnleigh White of Nails by Sharnleigh

By Callie Iley | 05 September 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk


Scratch chats with Sharnleigh White of Nails by Sharnleigh about her love of nail art and hopes for the future.


After years of working in all different types of jobs and always doing nails without being properly taught, I finally made the decision to enrol in college when I was 23. That’s when I really got to properly learn all about nails and the industry and try out new products. I trained in Michael John academy, whilst also working as an apprentice in a nearby salon. After two years working as an apprentice, I went on to open my own salon with my friend. This is where I really began to push myself to improve myself and my nail art skills. I loved having my own salon, but after an amazing four years I decided that I would start to work from home so I could spend more time with my family. I now have a little studio room, where I do all my treatments and get creative.


There is so much talent in the industry now – it’s hard to narrow down who I admire most within the industry! I really appreciate how much talent there is in my city, Liverpool. The girls here are incredible! And there is so much support out there now for people who just starting off their new business adventure. A few of my nails besties are @by_shakira, @nailsby_eleanor, @oohlalanails.shrewsbury,, and @bysophiegillespie.


When creating nail art, my absolute favourite thing is when a client lets me go wild on their nails. I love it when there’s no colour request or even any ideas as to what they want – that’s when the doodle pad comes out. I’ve really been loving the negative space look lately and gold leaf is literally in my lungs, because I really do use it that much!


The most exciting thing about the industry in my opinion is the number of new things that are out there to learn. So many nail techs now are bringing new training on nail art amongst other things – there are endless opportunities to learn more and become better at what you love to do.


It’s hard to think about what I would change about the industry because I love it so much. I haven’t really had any bad experiences. There’s a lot of competition, but in my eyes, I don’t look at it like that. It’s healthy to want to keep growing in your business. If you think someone is doing well be happy for them and let that admiration push you to accomplish all of your own goals!


It’s so important now to advance your skills in artistry because of the level that’s out there now. I think as an industry, the demand for nail art now is more than it’s ever been. A gem on your ring finger 5 years ago was the trend and everyone was happy with just that, but now clients want to be different from other people and I love that!


Looking to the future, I want to keep advancing in my skills. I hope to keep growing my new page and become more established within the industry. My absolute dream is to be an ambassador for The Gel Bottle Inc, because it’s my favourite brand to use.



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