FAVES OF 2017: Carol-Ann Beresford, Nails by Carol-Ann Louise

By Sophie Nutt | 30 December 2017 | Feature, Tech Talk

We’ve been asking you for your favourite nail designs of 2017!

Carol-Ann Beresford, of Nails by Carol-Ann Louise, created these Disney-themed nails for her client’s holiday, who ended up getting engaged while in Paris.

“This design showcases so many of my favourite techniques: extensions, ombre and freehand nail art. They are different to the everyday sets that I’m used to doing and they’re a lot of fun to create. To top if off, she got engaged while she was out there, making them such a special set.

“I created the design by picking out which characters my client would like on each nail and pinpointing their characteristics which make them well-known. I used Calgel to extend and add colour to the nails as well as using the colours to create the nail art.

“I love how the overall design looks – it’s bright and colourful, which makes it so suitable for Disneyland. It’s quite fun to see if everyone can guess the characters… You’re never too old for Disney!”

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