FAVES OF 2017: Nicola Salmon, Body & Nails Mobile Beauty

By Sophie Nutt | 28 December 2017 | Feature, Tech Talk

We’ve been asking you for your favourite nail designs of 2017!

Nicola Salmon, of Body & Nails Mobile Beauty, revealed that, not only did these nails force her out of her comfort zone, but also helped a bride-to-be wow the in-laws at dinner.

“These are my favourite nails of 2017 because I was lacking confidence for a long time, self doubt was being a big nasty bully and I fought hard to get out of my comfort zone by trying to perfect my French technique, as I think French nails are time consuming and very intricate. But, looking at these nails now, I can see where I have developed the skills to design an almost perfect set.

“My client told me that she recently got engaged and was going for dinner with the in-laws that evening, which prompted me to give her nails an eyeful of bling but also some sophisticated simplicity – perfect for a soon-to-be Mrs!

“I created these nails using CJP Core Powder in Peach Sorbet, Crystal Glass and Snow White and used Pink Butterfly CJP forms. I started off creating a platform for the nails by using the Crystal Glass acrylic at the free edge. I don’t use tips, so I created a structure first on all 10 fingers and then used Peach Sorbet to create the nail bed. Once this dried, I went in with my medium grit file and sharpened the French curve.

“After removing the forms, I then used my white acrylics to form the free edge of the nail. I wanted to accent the ring finger so I used Swarovski Crystal Pixie. First, I placed a thin layer of Missu Jewellery Gel, then applied a thin coat of non-tacky top coat. After placing a few Swarovski Crystals all over the nail then sprinkling on the Crystal Pixie, I then cured for two minutes. I used Jessica Nourishing Cuticle Cream to finish off the look.”

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