FAVES OF 2017: Rebecca Wales

By Sophie Nutt | 31 December 2017 | Feature, Tech Talk

We’ve been asking you for your favourite nail designs of 2017!

Rebecca Wales felt as though she had finally conquered smile lines with this set, making it a milestone design within her career.

“After many tears and being unhappy with my smile lines, I finally felt that I had cracked it (after some guidance from Lisa Johnson)! Autumn is also my favourite time of the year in the industry as I love all the deep and warming colours that my clients request.

“It sounds strange, but there are a few trees opposite the salon where I work and the fallen leaves often blow across to the salon. Seeing the combination of the beautiful browns and oranges in the fallen leaves, I wanted to put this into the nails somehow.

“After performing full and thorough prep, I fitted and applied tips to each fingers before curling and filing to the desired shape and length. After applying bonder, I first created the extended nail beds using NSI Rose Blush, creating the shape with my brush. I then applied the same to the middle finger and blended my chosen glitter, Roast Chestnut from the Nail Team, from the tip toward the cuticle to create an ombre effect. I then applied the same glitter to the index finger to create a glitter tip. To the little finger and the ring finger, I applied a stunning brown colour acrylic by Nail Gaga and added a touch of iridescent glitter to the tip of the ring finger. I capped each nail in NSI Sheer Pink to create structure and strength, filed and shaped and finally finished with a no wipe top coat from Pure Nails.

“I love the sharpness of my smile lines in this design and the fact that they are brown. So many clients don’t like to wear brown but after a little persuasion they allow me to work my magic and can see how beautiful the colour really is. I also love the little sycamore leaves, as I feel that they add an extra dimension to the design and scream autumn.”

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