#TRENDINGTUESDAY Laura Chree, Chreeative Nails

By Sophie Nutt | 03 April 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

We want to see the designs trending at your nail desk!

Laura Chree, of Chreeative Nails, revealed that encapsulated gold leaf foils have been popular with her clients recently.

The encapsulated foil nail design emits a sophisticated and regal feel, perfect for clients seeking an elegantly glamorous look to complement any outfit.

“I think encapsulated glass-look nails have been so popular recently because they can be styled to the client. You can be so creative with encapsulation. I love this look because it’s never the same, for example I am seeing gold, silver and copper leaf all of the time at the moment.

“I chose to use clear NSI deep smile line duel tips on the nail, however sometimes I will sculpt this design instead. I covered the nail in a thing layer of wet NSI Attraction Acrylic Powder in Crystal Clear. I then carefully placed gold leaf and gold/green glitters onto the powder before it dried. Once all 10 nails were designed I finished completely capping the enhancement in more NSI Attraction Acrylic Powder in Crystal Clear and top coated with NSI Glaze N Go.

“We chose the gold and green because they complimented my clients natural red hair. She likes to wear her nails long so the see-through appearance of the design made them even more eye catching!”

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