#TRENDINGTUESDAY Emma Clark, Emma Louise Nails & Beauty

By Sophie Nutt | 14 November 2017 | Feature, Tech Talk

We want to see the designs trending at your nail desks!

Emma Clark, of Emma Louise Nails, Makeup & Beauty, revealed that autumnal floral designs has been popular with her clients recently – matching high street fashion trends.

“This design has been very popular this autumn as floral patterns are huge on the high street this year,” Emma reveals. “I’m a big fan of Cath Kidston and, this year in particular, I’ve seen people wearing this style of pattern. It inspired me to create this particular design.

“This is one of my favourite designs on short nails as it’s so simple and effective. What’s nice is that this look can be suitable for anytime of the year just by changing the colours; a lovely pastel blue tone with pale pink and white flowers would look very good in spring, for example.

“I first applied my background colour, Calgel in Enchanted Forest, then buffed over the gel to remove the shine. I then added light strokes to create the branches. When doing any small design I try using two shades – in this case, dark and light brown – as this makes the detail ‘pop’ and not look flat. I also extended the branches over to the other nail to see the pattern seamlessly flow.

“With a tiny brush, I then used two shades of  pink with white to create the rose details. I started with the pink, shaping the rose, and then white to form the petals, followed by the dark pink for the shadows. With these flowers, I have to do them quickly, as the more I faff trying to perfect them the more they don’t look right. Finally, I added some dots of rose gold in this pattern to give it a more autumnal feel .”

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