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Tech Time: Who’s That Nail Girl…

By Alex Fox | 09 February 2021 | Feature, Tech Talk

Julia Sisu Portsmouth

Tech Time: Who’s That Nail Girl…
 Julia Sisu

Age: 34 years

Location: Portsmouth, UK

Name of business: Nail Elegance

Type of business: Salon

Years doing nails: 8 years

Trained with: Tatiana Litvinov, E.mi nails, Sergey Lavrukhin, Anita Podoba, Pearl Nails, Brillbird,Tienda lnternational, Tierra Serv, Elle Erre Nails and many nail courses online with different nail masters.

bottom Right- Abstract flowers collection. Bottom left- Pastel flowers for springtime. Top image: Gold Pandora using Gold Chrome powder, Swarovski, caviar nail beads, Chameleon chrome flakes and a nail sticker as a chain.

What attracted you to the nail industry: l always loved art. L graduated in Art & Clothes Design. I also loved to have my nails done, but was always unhappy with the results in the salons I tried. So, l decided to take a course and start doing my own nails. I enjoyed it so much and keen to improve my technique I signed up for more courses. Back then, l was working in the beauty industry and my customers would ask me where I got my nails done. When l admitted, ‘I do them’, they all wanted me to do their nails too, which encouraged me develop my skills.

Who inspires you & why: My muse is Tanya Povenscaia. She’s a consumate  professional, who’s very humble and funny in her teaching style. l can’t wait to get over the pandemic and travel to Bucharest to take a nail course with her.

Your professional goals: To take many nail courses with the masters and apply the knowledge to the work I do on my customers. I would also love to participate in nail competitions around the world. One of my main goals is to start my own business and open my own salon. The main focus would be on nail art and the customers would have a very wide range of designs to choose from. l also have a huge personal collection of different gels and nail art, which l cannot wait to show off!

Favourite nail brand & why: E.mi Nails, originally from Russia and owned by Ekaterina Miroshnichenko, but present in many countries all around the world. The products are of a high quality.

How do you wear your nails: It depends on the trend and my mood; sometimes very long and sparkly, sometimes short, but always l wear unique designs and Swarovski crystals.

TOP: Rose Gold Pandora with Swarovski, caviar nail beads,Rose Gold Chrome powder and Glitter, 4D Gel plasteline.

What has lockdown taught you: Lockdown allowed me space, time and peace to connect with myself, to think clearly about my future plans as well as to be thankful for the present and its gifts, such as my wonderful partner and daughter.

What have you been filling your time doing: Enjoying many online nail courses, decorating my home and doing many nail designs.

What’s your vision for the future: Always positivity, to reach my goals and try to improve myself and become more successful.

What plans do you have for after lockdown: To travel to different countries and learn from the best nail masters. To open my own business and make many people happy with my knowledge, love and passion for nails.

Mission & Mantra: Make people happy. Be kind, be loyal, be happy & thankful for everything you have; love yourself & everything that surrounds you.