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The 10 Valentine’s Day nail designs you need to try in 2023

By Callie Iley | 02 February 2023 | Feature

Valentines 2023 Trends Header

Valentine’s Day offers endless nail style opportunities, and 2023’s trends are more versatile than ever.

Expect to see toned-down, low-key looks in neutral hues trending alongside bright, bubblegum pink tips and eye-catching 3D designs. What’s more, nails are proving to be the ultimate Valentine’s Day accessory, with research by Beauty Daily showing that searches on Pinterest for Valentine’s Day nails have increased by 567% in January alone.

Check out our roundup of 10 trendy Valentine’s Day nail designs below…

1. Red and pink hues

Used alone or together, red and pink are classic, go-to hues for Valentine’s Day. Go bright and bold with colour-clashing designs, or opt for softer styles with pastel shades.

Booksy ambassador, Alice McNails, comments: “As always, we’ll be seeing lots of red and pink – they remain the perfect Valentine’s Day colour combo!”



2. Swirl designs

Swirl nails were one of 2022’s top trends, with pink and white swirls taking the spotlight as a top Valentine’s Day nail trend. 

Upgrade your Valentine’s Day swirl nails with a Powerpuff Girls-inspired heart using romantic pink and white tones.




3. Subtle nail art

Plain colour manis with delicate Valentine’s Day details offer a subtle nod to the occasions, for those seeking a low-key, scaled-back nail style.

Alice McNails highlights the clean girl aesthetic, suggesting minimalistic heart designs and gold details on ring fingers.




4. Heart-shaped tips

Add a romantic twist to the classic French with a heart-shaped tip for the ultimate Valentine’s Day mani. 

Opt for pink gradients or use pink and red together for a stylish colour clash design.




5. Chrome details

Touches of sparkle and shine using chrome powders and cat-eye gel polishes have continued to grow in popularity, getting a Valentine’s-inspired makeover with heart-shaped designs and glazed donut bases. 

Alice McNails reveals: “My clients are crushing on high-shine chrome, hearts in cat-eye, and crystal effects.”




6. 3D nails

Make a statement this Valentine’s Day with 3D nail styles adorned with gel clay structures and eye-catching embellishments.

Decorate nails with 3D love heart styles, using glittering gemstones and pearls to suit the season of love.




7. French tips

The classic French offers a timeless touch to Valentine’s Day manis. Add dainty details to a white French tip for a subtle romantic twist or reach for a bolder hues of pink and red for a colourful French design.

Booksy ambassador, Bryony Howell of Gels by Bry, notes that a ‘subtle, classy, white French with heart accents’ will be a top trending style for Valentine’s Day 2023.




8. Anti-Valentine’s nails

Not feeling the love this Valentine’s Day? Select shades and styles that go against the norm such as black for hearts and blood drips, or take inspiration from self-love for your nail design. 

Magpie educator, Ruth Munro of Little Blank Spaces, shares: “Anti-Valentine’s manis can prove popular with single clients, or anyone who chooses not to celebrate the date. If clients are not celebrating Valentine’s, they may want to spoil themselves instead of someone else.”



9. Milky manis

Milky white manis created using creamy, sheer shades prove to be a popular base for Valentine’s Day nail styles. 

Alice McNails shares that she’s looking forward to seeing ‘red and pink hearts on strawberry milkshake bases and white milky layers’ on nails.



10. Gothic inspiration

Ditch traditional reds and pinks for black to create edgier nail art styles, ideal for those seeking alternative nail styles. 

Alice McNails says: “For something different, I predict we’re going to see people embracing their inner Wednesday Addams with gothic nail elements and lots of black.”