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The 3 qualities that make a successful nail technician

By Guest Writer | 23 February 2024 | Expert Advice, Feature

Nergish Wadia Austin Qualities That Make A Successful Nail Technician

Reach your goals and ensure success with advice from esteemed beauty business expert, Nergish Wadia-Austin, as she explores the importance of personality, knowledge and skill in successful nail technicians.


Exceptional personality qualities

Successful nail professionals exhibit a blend of precision and creativity, making a welcoming environment for clients. Patience is key, ensuring meticulous attention to detail, while excellent communication skills establish a strong rapport with loyal clients. It’s also important to understand and deliver your unique brand of service with kindness.

Knowledge is power

A superior grasp of nailcare fundamentals, from anatomy to environmental practices, will empower your career, and informed decisions about products and tools contribute to client safety and satisfaction. This way of working not only aligns with modern customer values, but will enhance your credibility in the competitive market.

Elevation of skills

Staying at the forefront of the industry involves a commitment to ongoing education. Position yourself as a dedicated industry leader by continually updating your skills; embracing advances in repair techniques, enhancements, art and heath. This adaptability will not only impress clients and help you meet their expectations, but ensure you stay relevant in an ever-changing beauty landscape.

Next steps

Nail technicians who already hone these three factors stand a great chance of qualifying for a coveted PHAB Service Star. This industry benchmark recognises a relentless pursuit of excellence in the world of nailcare.

If you demonstrate these qualities, apply for a PHAB Service Star as soon as possible, so your practises can be verified and you can benefit from recognition and support.


Those that qualify for a PHAB Service Star:

  • Perform at a higher level than industry average.
  • Are able to back this up with requested evidence.
  • Boast exceptional customer testimonials detailing superior services, hygiene and safety standards, environmental and sustainable practise plans and more.
  • Commit to ongoing learning.

To apply, visit