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The challenges of being a left-handed nail tech

By Chloe Randall | 13 August 2021 | Feature

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jqknbqgzvveScratch chats to nail educator and Georgie Smedley group ambassador, Diana Pajeva about the challenges of being a left-handed nail tech…

Statistically, only 15% of people are left handed, which means that most of the techniques you learn and tools you buy will be directed to right handed people. In a world dominated by right-handed people, we chat to Diana about what it is like to be a leftie.

What challenges have you faced as a left-handed nail tech?

If you’re a left-handed nail technician, every e-file manicure class, nail filing technique and even the set up on your table that most people use – it all will feel foreign and won’t make sense at first.

Did it affect your education at all if your educator was right-handed?

When I started my nail journey, which was 15 years ago, I had to change the rules and techniques as I went, it felt like I was inventing my own ways of doing things as this issue was never talked about.
I believe these days the educator should be able to adapt the techniques to both left handed and right handed people. That’s one of the highest levels of professionalism to me.

Any advice for other left-handed nail techs?

  • If you’re working with the e-file, you can find special removal bits for left handed people. This makes a huge difference and the speed just instantly doubles.
  • If you’re using scissors to trim cuticles, opt for the ones aimed for lefties. You have to search a bit more, but some companies do sell them.
  • Also, pay attention while buying a professional nail desk as you want the drawers to be on the left. It will feel less awkward and save you some time during the appointment as all the products you need will be close by.

Do you think there needs to be more tool ranges aimed at left-handed nail techs specifically? What else can be done?

I’d suggest more companies should have a range of tools for lefties. I understand it’s not a huge market, but there are a lot of nail techs out there that struggle trying to adapt their techniques to right handed tools.
It would make their working routine much easier.

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