The importance of a well-lit workstation for nail technicians

By Sophie Nutt | 06 September 2018 | Expert Advice, Feature

Jan Soar Salon Photo

As a nail professional, you rely on your vision for precise product application, so make life a little easier and prevent strain with adequate task lighting.

Hannah Robertson, Nail Harmony UK South West educator, explains, “If you don’t have great light to work in as a nail tech, you can strain your eyesight but also you will find it difficult to see where you need to refine your application and therefore your work may be compromised. In good light, looking at all angles, you will see different flaws that you may not see in poor light.”

Reiterating the need for good lighting for application and design work, Maria Cientanni, creative director at Lecenté, says, “Never underestimate the importance of good lighting! We always advise when using Lecenté Layer It! that techs should turn the nail in the light to make sure all areas are covered with product before curing. This is such a basic tip that can save the nail tech a lot of time and problems.”

As well as assisting in perfecting intricate nail art and design finish, correct lighting can also help nail technicians in pushing their technical abilities. “Your lighting can actually help you in technical ways, such as ensuring you have created a smooth surface for to the nails,” says Annabel Ifill, Nail Harmony UK London educator. “If the line of reflection on your nails from your desk light is a little jagged compared to straight, this usually implies you may have an uneven surface to your nail enhancements, for example.”

Stick to ‘cool’ light instead of ‘warm’ when lighting your workstation. Annabel explains, “If, for example, you buy a standard desk lamp from an office supply store, you do not want to go out and buy your bulbs from an average store as the majority of shops will be selling ‘warm’ lighting suitable for living room or bedroom areas.” However, this is not recommended for your eyesight when working on a tiny canvas. “If you are buying an LED light it is best to buy direct from your nail supplier as these will have been specifically tested to ensure they do not have any effect on the gels you are working with,” Annabel continues.

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