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The journey to opening my first nail academy – Part 2

By Erica Turley | 17 April 2019 | Business, Feature, Tech Talk, Technique

Erica Turley Academy

Location, location, location!

So what’s the address of my new academy? 5 Radford Street, Stone, Staffordshire! Yes, I can finally let people know where the academy is, as work on the premises starts this Sunday.

I’m so fortunate to have a place on the main ring road on the high street, and just next to a set of traffic lights. We’ve assessed the work that needs doing and downstairs is cosmetic while upstairs, we need to replace some ceilings and the WC.

Deciding what décor to have is so hard. I keep flipping from one theme to another, but I’ve decided to mix two ideas. I think it will work, I hope it will work, yet I expect the interior design will evolve by itself when we start the refurbishment. I actually only got my hands on the keys a few days ago – finally! My husband decided to surprise me by hanging them off our kitchen cupboard before asking me to go in there for a drink. He’s a huge support, I honestly couldn’t do this without him. We have the same work ethic, parenting styles, and the pure honesty that we have is fundamental to have in a marriage when its put under stressors like at the minute.

Although the premises is my focus, there’s been a couple of things on my mind over the last two weeks. Firstly, sleep. Or extreme lack of.

I’ve struggled so much to get sleep. My mind refuses to shut off and I’ve been feeling delirious most days with pure exhaustion. I think that subconsciously I’ve been very stressed and worried about the risks I’m taking, the impact that it has on my husband and children, and the financial commitment I’ve agreed to. Secondly, the lack of support or even acknowledgement from those I expected to support me, for whatever reason, it’s been something that surprised and disappointed me, however I have zero head space to even entertain that right now. This is something I never even expected to experience. You automatically think that everyone would be happy for you.

Since my last blog, I’ve changed gel polish system and I’ve had a number of engagements with brands that I wish to stock at the academy. All of this has to meet my budget and I think I will exceed my budget with just stock alone! I so wish I had more of a budget right now, something I never thought I’d run over with.

I’ve also run through my first Hazel Dixon course this week; the acrylic beginners course – and I’ve absolutely loved it.

It’s been extremely different to what I’ve been used to but I’ve followed the lesson plans to the T, and the depth of teaching is on another level. I absolutely cannot get enough of what I do, I can relate to Hazel so much and my drive for the industry is spurred on my Hazel and the other educators, it’s what I need, what I want, and I feel so at home with my progression that I have to keep pinching myself!

I keep day dreaming about being in my academy and being able to offer my students so much more. Whether it be the nurse in me, I have this uncontrollable urge to want to help others. I believe in continuous support, I don’t want any of my students to feel left and under confident like I have been in the past when I first qualified.

I keep seeing courses advertised on social media that promote training for a day or two in an enhancement system, and it literally fills me full of sadness.

I’ve been there to pick up the pieces for students who invest in short quick courses and if I could advise anyone who’s looking into investing money in their education, remember the saying, ‘pay cheap. pay twice!’

I’m hoping in the next blog I will be able to show you the work that has been done at the academy, but for now, the photos are how it looks before we start work. Have imagination when looking at the pictures. It’s a fabulous location and space to start the next part of my career!