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The journey to opening my first nail academy – Part 5

By Erica Turley | 04 July 2019 | Business, Feature, Tech Talk, Training

Erica Turley Academy Front

The external signage on my new academy is finally up – as are frosted windows to protect my products from the impact of direct sunlight. I was so pleased and excited to see the shop sign go up, as the premises no longer looks derelict. My stomach did do some summersaults when I saw it, as to have your name on a shop sign is a little nerve wracking!

As I’ve been spending many hours, (five days, in fact) attaching thousands of crystals to the wall that borders my internal sign, it has been interesting to hear people commenting about the premises as they walk by. Everyone seems to know what’s happening with the place and its layout, and all comments have been very positive which is nice to hear.

Internally, we are currently refurbishing the hall stairs and landing, along with creating a small kitchen area and replacing a very old and dated WC. When that’s finished, we’ll be ready to open! The next job is to pay for the stock and furniture, along with a licence. I also need to sort fire exits/extinguishers, do a health & safety assessment and get the electrics passed.

I’ve not shared everything regarding the internal decoration with you, as I do want to keep some bits as a surprise, but believe it or not, the inspiration for the décor came from my favourite mug; a mug from Tesco! I just love its colour combination and design. However, decoration isn’t the most important thing, the best education comes first. The first course I will teach in the academy is the HD Beginners Acrylic Course on 1 August. I’m very excited!

I think I may only have one or two more blogs to share with you before that date. Exciting times ahead!