Lilly Delmage

The top 10 nail trends you need this summer

By Lilly Delmage | 22 July 2021 | Feature

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Dig your nails into this summer’s hottest trends! We’ve rounded up the top 10 trends you need to jump on to ASAP!

1. Swirl nails

Everyone has seen this trend on Instagram! Its versatility in pattern, colour and style mean it is a timeless classic making the perfect fun addition for any outfit!

@nailsbeauty byalicex

Instagram @nailsbeauty_byalicex

2. Dot nails

As we verge on the side of patterns and less on the side of neutrals, nail enthusiasts have welcomed the multi-coloured dot pattern with open arms!


Instagram @faithjamesnails

3. Mix ‘n’ Match nails

We’ve all been in the nail salon completely overwhelmed by all the colour, style, and pattern choices… the solution? Be greedy and have it all! It’s 2021, there is no such thing as ‘too much’!

@la beautique

Instagram @la_beautique

4. Green nails

This Summer, clients have flaunted their gorgeous green, tropical, nature inspired manicures on Instagram!


Instagram @ka.artnails

5. Checkerboard nails

Again with the bold prints…clients can’t get enough of the out-there designs! Checkmate!


Instagram @amyguynailartist

6. Animal print

Nail lovers are embracing safari themed nails this Summer! Whether you’re a lover of the zebra, leopard or even crocodile print, there’s something for everyone!


Instagram @nailfreude

7. Flower nails

A timeless classic! Dainty flower designs will never go out of fashion, and we love seeing your amazing creations get more impressive each year!


Instagram @studio.polish

8. Alternative French manicure

This has been a real crowd pleaser this summer, with all sorts of variations alternative French is a good middle ground for those French mani lovers who don’t want to jump straight into the multi-coloured checkerboard nails!


Instagram @caitlinmarienails

9. Fruit nails

Fruit salads are not just for eating! Nail enthusiasts have been loving decorating their nails with strawberries, lemons, kiwis, watermelons, blueberries and so many more delicious fruits!

@paigejordan beauty

Instagram @paigejordan_beauty

10. Lipstick nails

Out with the squares, in with the lipstick! Inspired by the shape of a lipstick, this new trend puts a fun twist on the classic nail shapes!


Instagram @finesseyourclaws