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The vital step you could be missing when cleaning

By Guest Writer | 18 March 2021 | Expert Advice, Feature

Cleaning 1200 Spray

Nigel Rouse, brand owner of Mundo Professional, shares why time is a key factor when cleaning…

I have watched many people – including those in the medical profession – spray disinfectant on to a surface and then immediately wipe it dry. What’s wrong with that? Time!

While disinfectants are brilliant at playing their part to reduce the spread of disease, if they are not used properly they are of minimal use. Contact time is imperative.

When disinfectant is sprayed on a surface, or a sanitizer applied to hands, it is vital that sufficient time is allowed for the product to work. Each product has its own specific contact time, and in order for maximum disinfection or sanitizing to take place, you must establish the required contact time and adhere to it. This could be as little as 30 seconds, but for some less effective disinfectants, it could be several minutes.

Details should be provided on labels or be readily available from the manufacturer, so take a few minutes to find the contact time for the products you use. It is so important that product is used correctly – not just if we are to keep ahead in the fight against Covid, but also to help reduce the spread of any other disease too.

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