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Threads: Is it here to stay?

By Callie Iley | 03 September 2023 | Feature, Technology


Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, reported over five million sign-ups to Threads in the first four hours of its launch. Scratch explores whether the social media platform is here to stay & its benefits for nail pros…


On 5 July, microblogging platform, Threads, made its presence known in the social media realm. However, since then, its active user base has declined, while rival app, Twitter (or ‘X‘), has maintained its success. But what is Threads, and how does it work?

Threads was developed by Meta and is integrated with Instagram, so that users have the same username across both apps. At the time of writing, Threads has no hashtags, direct messaging options or analytics, so its current key function is posting text, or ‘threads’, and building an audience. Its main feed is curated by an algorithm, recommending content by both followed and new users on the platform.


Threads vs Twitter/X

Twitter’s controversial rebrand to X may have got people talking, but it didn’t encourage a significant shift of users to Threads. The functionality of both apps is similar, however there are some differences:


  • 500 characters per thread.
  • Allows up to 10 pictures and videos.
  • Allows video content of up to five minutes.
  • Free to use.


  • 280 characters per tweet.
  • Allows up to four pictures and videos.
  • Allows video content of up to two minutes, 20 seconds
  • Has a paid-for subscription, which unlocks more features


How are people using Threads?

Threads is proving to offer a casual form of communication, with the rise of TikTok triggering a shift in behaviour online from both brands and everyday users. Dubbed ‘unhinged brand behaviour’ Threads has seen Channel 4, IT, Uber Eats and Netflix engaging in meme-style content, similar to that of TikTok.


Ellie Moston

“At Glitterbels, we use Threads to interact with our customers and audience,” shares Ellie Moston, the brand’s marketing executive. “We have a conversation with them and ask for opinions, and the app allows users to post pictures and videos, so techs can showcase their work.

“Polls get lots of traction, as asking our audience questions – such as whether they prefer flower or heart nail art – allows them to share their opinion and engage with us. We love seeing everyone’s preferences, so I regularly post ‘This or That’s’ on Threads. This helps us to make the most of the app’s communication offering.”


Yasmine Hodge

“The app allows me to filter my nail designs into separate threads, so it’s easier for followers to find a particular colour or design,” explains Yasmine Hodge of Gels By Yas, Wolverhampton. “Threads has allowed me to connect with nail techs that I wasn’t following on other social media platforms, and promote the products that I love.

“I posted on Threads to ask for advice regarding a nail technique and got more responses than on Instagram, where I feel that story posts can get lost.”


Millee Barton

Threads has significantly amplified my capacity to connect with clients and promote my nail and beauty business,” says Millee Barton of Millee Barton Nails, Barnsley. “Through interactive features such as replies, reposts, and likes, I can engage with users’ posts and build a sense of community around my brand.

“One remarkable aspect of Threads is its lack of paid advertisements, which lends an air of authenticity to any reviews or reposts about my business. This genuine engagement enhances my brand’s reputation and credibility, allowing me to reach a more receptive audience. Using Threads, I can showcase my nail artistry, salon services, and academy offerings with remarkable ease.”

Only 4% of all and beauty pros polled by Scratch on Instagram on 31 July actively use Threads.

“Threads boasts distinctive features and functionalities that significantly benefit the promotion of my nail and beauty business. The platform’s emphasis on authentic conversations and genuine engagements cultivates a higher level of trust and credibility among my audience,” Millee continues. “This absence of paid ads ensures that any reviews or reposts about my services come across as sincere recommendations, fostering a strong sense of brand loyalty.

“Moreover, the early stage of the platform’s growth provides a unique opportunity to gain substantial exposure. The algorithm may promote posts from small businesses like mine to a broader audience, offering an advantageous moment to establish a strong presence and expand my reach.”


“Threads offers numerous avenues for nail technicians like me to effectively showcase our skills. The platforms multimedia capabilities enable the seamless posting of compelling images and brief videos featuring my nail artistry, beauty treatments, and transformations. This visual showcase of my work allows potential clients to witness the quality and artistry of my services, creating a lasting impact,” Millee continues.

“The interactive features, such as replies and likes, enable me to engage in real-time with clients. By addressing inquiries, providing personalised advice, and responding to comments, I can establish a direct connection with my audience, fostering trust and confidence in my expertise.


Is it here to stay?

Despite a 70% decline in daily active users reported by market intelligence firm, Sensor Tower, Threads has been building its user base internationally, most notably in India and Brazil. User engagement has decreased from 19 minutes to four, meanwhile user engagement on Twitter/X has remained consistent, at around 30 minutes a day.

Wall Street Journal reports that the number of dally Threads users saw a 70% decline over 12 days in July.

However, Twitter has seen seeing ongoing issues with the announcement of its paid subscription, Twitter Blue, its controversial rebranding to X, and various layoffs since its takeover by Elon Musk, so there’s certainly room for a rival.

Threads offers easy Instagram integration, which allows for an easy sign up process, encouraging more users to the platform. Moreover, text-based content is quicker and easier to create than the curated photo and video content traditionally seen across instagram, allowing for a different level of interaction between users.


What can we expect in the future?

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, reveals in a post on Threads, that users can expect the following updates:

  • European availability.
  • A following feed.
  • An edit button for posts.
  • Post searching.
  • A desktop app.
  • The ability to delete your account.
  • Hashtags.

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