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Top Tech Jade Barber expands nail brand & systems

By Alex Fox | 24 February 2021 | Brands, Feature

Jade Barber Banner 2

Back in July 2019 Jade Barber, an award-winning nail tech and industry educator, launched her own brand. Known as Nail and Beauty Excellence (NBE), this brand has been extended and adapted and now boasts an impressive catalogue of products, a growing base of nail tech followers and promises more is to come.

Since its conception, Jade has launched an acrylic system, which she claims is lauded by its users for its amazing retention, consistency and the way it files (apparently like butter). It already boasts 40 acrylic colour powders and an impressive core system. “There’s also a complete acrygel system that has been described as ‘heavenly’ to work with,” cites Jade. “While the NBE glitter collection currently exceeds 100 different colours, sizes, mixes and are all cosmetic grade glitters too. This is all alongside being a stockist of ‘Crystal Parade’ and many Swarovski nail crystals, pigment powders and chromes too. I also have a complete brush range, accessories, tips, forms, online accredited courses and so much more. I’ve really ramped up and expanded my nail offering across the product platform and my education too.”

According to Jade, her motivation and dedication bring a promise of a growing  product catalogue and, for the right people, an opportunity to get in at the ground level! Her academy and brand NBE is on the hunt for ambassadors and educators throughout the UK.

So check out the NBE social media for exciting opportunities and see for yourself.