TOP TIPS: Embracing video content for your business marketing

By Helena Biggs | 09 November 2017 | Expert Advice, Feature

Bring a little movie magic to your marketing with video content to catch the eyes of clients and fellow pros. After all, with social media at the touch of a button – it’s vital to grab attention and see how it can benefit your business through moving content.

“I think all technicians should consider a level of vlogging for advertising purposes, ” comments nail vlogging YouTube sensation, Natasha Lee – the mind behind pimple popping and fidget spinner nails. “A quick 10-second video of your client’s nails will have a much greater audience reach than a still picture.

“Never underestimate how many new, dedicated clients a video of your nail work can attract. After all, people like to see exactly what they will get before booking.

“Most people have smart phones that have excellent video capabilities, but without good lighting they can fall short of the mark and produce dark, grainy images. Allow tourself an extra minute or so at the end of a service to pose the client’s hands and take a quick video.”

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