#TRENDINGTUESDAY Jodie Walley, Jodie Walley Nails

By Sophie Nutt | 05 December 2017 | Feature, Tech Talk

Jodie Walley

We want to see the designs trending at your nail desk!

Jodie Walley, of Jodie Walley Nails, revealed that aquarelle-style designs has been requested over and over again by her clients.

“I think this particular design has been so popular as I showcased a rose pattern on my own nails and, suddenly, my clients said how much they loved it and wanted me to recreate the look on them with different colours. I think it definitely helps to wear anything new on our nails as nail techs as clients are instantly drawn to them.

“I created this design with a new product from The Gel Bottle Inc called Blooming Gel. I painted a base layer of white and cured, then did a thin layer of Blooming Gel and, while still uncured, drew my rose into it with a blue shade. The Blooming Gel then does the work for you!

“I paired the nail art with a new midnight blue Magpie Beauty glitter. I sugared the glitter as I find it’s more sparkly this way than when it’s top coated. I finished the look with some Swarovski crystals.

“I love this nail look because it’s so different and the blue design on the white base is so eye-catching. I love how everybody asks how I created the look; it just proves that the design is something out of the ordinary. The glitter is just super sparkly too!”

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