#TRENDING TUESDAY Lauren Holmes, Nailed It Beauty

By Sophie Nutt | 06 March 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

We want to see the designs trending at your nail desk!

Lauren Holmes, of Nailed It Beauty, said that this sophisticated and modern nail look has been very popular with her clients recently.

“I think this look has been popular because it’s so eye catching while being really simple and not too wild. I think sometimes, as amazing as crazy designs are, they don’t appeal to a lot of clients so something like this is perfect for those that don’t prefer an ‘out-there’ look.

“To create this design, myself and my client selected four different Gelish shades and one Magpie Beauty Glitter. I started with two coats of the darkest colour for the base of the nails, then, using my Gelish striping brush, I painted a white line slightly off centre down the middle of the nails before curing. I then mixed together some Magpie Beauty Glitter with some structure gel to create a thick glitter gel as I find it much easier to paint into a straight line this way. I then painted this next to the first line and cured. Using the remaining three shades I made three small, but varied in length, lines on either side of the nail still using my Gelish striper brush and cured. To finish the design, I simply used a top coat and then it was done!

“What I love about these nails is that they will work with any colours. So when a client comes in asking for them, I can get them to slightly change them up a bit so that they will look different from the other sets that I’ve done. They also work well on short or long nails so they’re really versatile. They’re really quick and easy to do too!”

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