#TRENDINGTUESDAY Becki Hobbs, Becki’s Beauty

By Sophie Nutt | 26 February 2019 | Feature, Tech Talk

Becki Hobbs

We want to see the designs trending at your nail desk!

Becki Hobbs, of Becki’s Beauty, reveals that bumble bees have been all over her clients nails recently.

“Bumble bees seem to be really on-trend at the moment in the home decor department. I have a few bumble bee items in my home and that’s where my original inspiration came from.

“I also wanted to come up with a nice bright spring design that incorporated yellow, as I had recently ordered some yellow gel colours from The Gel Bottle Inc and I wanted to showcase yellow as an extremely wearable colour.

“I created the design all freehand with the Magpie Detailer Brush and using all The Gel Bottle Inc colours – obviously there had to be a little glitter in there somewhere too!

“I love this nail look because it is bright and fun and reminds me of spring. I’m so over winter colours now… Roll on spring!”

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