By Sophie Nutt | 05 June 2018 | Feature, Tech Talk

Bthany Stockell

We want to see the designs trending at your nail desk!

Nail artist, Bethany Stockell, reveals that icy blue hues have been popular with her clients recently, despite the shift into the summer season.

“I can only assume that my clients are going against the grain! During the festive season, where you expect to see red tones, gold glitter and Santa nails, they opt for anything but. During winter, they go for bright colours and right now they’re attracted to blue tones. I love this! It’s so rebellious to and it defies everyones expectations. I think it’s great to mix it up; plus, as a nail tech, you want to keep your follows on social media on their feet. Right now they’re expecting bright yellow, bold corals and pastel madness, so to hit them with a deep blue set is quite fun!

“I created this design by firstly sculpting the clear acrylic base. Once I had my desired shape, I chose my coloured acrylics (from Trilogy acrylic systems) and glitters (from Diamond Glitters) and thought of a few free-flowing designs. The little finger is simply an ombre with a feathered section of glitter half way, the middle nails are relaxed candy cane trails and the extended nail bed incorporates that too. I have ‘watch me work’ time-lapse video clips on my Instagram for anyone to see how the techniques were achieved for this set.

“I love this nail look because it’s simple yet complicated. I normally create designs that are geometrically complex, or ones that have contrasting colour combinations, but the range of blue hues keeps it simple yet full of depth.”

Watch Bethany’s ‘watch me work’ videos here or check out more of her work here