#TRENDINGTUESDAY Cheryl Shanks, Polished Nail & Beauty Lounge

By Sophie Nutt | 31 March 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk

Cheryl Shanks

We want to see the nail designs trending on your social media pages!

Cheryl Shanks, of Polished Nail & Beauty Lounge, says marble French tips have been popular recently.

“This design is so popular as it’s so versatile: you can use various colour combinations and glitter outlines to complete the look.

“I create the design by applying a nude builder gel base or gel polish colour and cure. Then add all-over coverage of base coat and leave wet. On a mixing palette/tray, put generous dots of chosen colours (in this particular case – black, white and gold). With a dotting tool, mix the colour together using a ‘star’ shaped motion. Then, using a flat gel brush, pick up areas of marbled colour and gently place onto the desired area of the nail and the base coat will allow it to move. When you’re happy, cure, add a glitter outline, top coat and cure. I was inspired by Kiera Taylor Nails for this look.

“I love that these are a contemporary take on the French look and they are so versatile in placement and colours.”

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