By Sophie Nutt | 06 August 2019 | Feature, Tech Talk

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We want to see the designs trending at your nail desk!

Hayley, of Hayley J’s Nails, reveals clear tips have been popular with her clients recently.

“With all of the new products constantly appearing in the industry, clients are becoming more adventurous with their nail designs. I feel clear tips give your client a way to experiment way more; you can easily take them from subtle to outgoing depending on what you add to them.

“For this specific look, I sculpted a clear base using The Gel Bottle Inc Clear Gel Pot then applied The Gel Bottle Inc Gel Pot #3 to extend the nail bed. Applying chameleon flakes to the tacky layer on the free edge and capping it in the same Clear Gel Pot gives this beautiful effect that’s both elegant and eye-catching. After refining the whole nail I added the line work using an ultra thin liner brush and The Gel Bottle Inc Gel Polish in Daisy before finishing with the Extreme Shine Top Coat.

“I love this design so much because it was fun to create, so versatile to wear and included some nice simple techniques to create.”

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