#TRENDINGTUESDAY Hayley Winder, Hair, Nails, Beauty & Educator

By Sophie Nutt | 14 April 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk

Hayley Winder

We want to see the nail designs proving popular on your social media!

Hayley Winder, of Hayley Winder Hair, Nails, Beauty & Educator, reveals a fun and vibrant spring time nail look featuring glitter swirls has been popular.

“I think these have been popular because they are happy positive colours that bring a bit of cheer at this unusual time.

“I chose pastel colours to reflect spring time with coordinating glitter swirls. I went for a long slender style – something I can’t usually wear when tending to clients.

“I love these nails, the happy colours and glitter that catches the light and sparkles makes me happy.”

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